Areas of Application


Constant innovation drives rapid development of energy components for the next generation. Chemical etching speeds up prototype manufacturing with the help of affordable digital tools. It yields smaller, more detailed parts and surpasses traditional sheet metal processing, which makes it possible to quickly test different designs and enter the market faster.

Space and Aviation Industry

Our chemical etching service is very versatile and can handle various high-quality metals used in the aviation industry. We specialize in materials that are usually difficult to process using traditional sheet metal methods, such as lightweight aluminum and strong stainless steels.


As the electronics industry moves towards smaller and more complex components, the need for advanced design, high accuracy deviations, and exact precision increases. Chemical etching is an excellent method for manufacturing such components, with the ability to produce parts as thin as 0.010 mm and with precision up to ±0.020 mm.


Advanced and intricate parts are crucial in the automotive industry to ensure that vehicles operate well, are safe, and can differentiate themselves with innovative technological solutions. By using chemical etching with cost-effective digital tools, we can precisely remove specific parts of the metal, which provides high precision with a accuracy of ±0.020 mm at a fixed cost. This method, which does not involve physical contact or heat, reduces the risk of irregularities and tensions, making the parts even higher in quality.

Precision Mechanics

Companies that focus on precision work are at the forefront of technological advancements. They create sophisticated systems and devices based on carefully designed metal components. Sometimes design engineers face challenges when they need to find reliable and precise parts within tight timeframes to realize their innovations. That's where we come in to help.